Keissaari campfire site

Area: Näsijärvi
Equipment: Campfire place, Dry toilet, Wood shed
Activities: Kayaking
Additional information: Several service points and campfire sites (4 pcs) of the Näsijärvi canoeing services are located on the shores of the Kaup recreation forest and are also accessible via trails. There are 8 fire pits and 11 landing sites on Näsijärvi's canoeing routes. You can set off from several different places and paddle near the beach from Aitolahti via Kaup and Reuhari to Keissaari or even Pallosaari on the north side of Näsinselä. Please remember that the filling work of Näsinsaari in Lielahti prevents the landing at the point on the Näsijärvi side of the floating tunnel.