Nalli campfire site

Area: Kiimajoki
Equipment: Campfire place, Canoe pier, Guidance board, Wood shed
Activities: Kayaking, Hiking
Additional information: The Kiimajoki canoeing route, built at the beginning of the millennium, is located in the surroundings of Velaattajärvi and Terälahti in Tampere's Teisko. The approximately 16-kilometer-long route has been implemented in the river sections on an old log floating bank, which reminds of the wood industry history of the area stretching back to the 18th century and the time when the construction of Tampere on the isthmus divided by Tammerkoski caused a strong need for timber. There are approximately 17 km of guided canoeing trails and 3 fire pits in the area, one of which has a unique, organically designed lean-to shelter with wood shed and dry toilets.